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HELLO   in the magical world of the Luliulisia!


Under the watchful eye of our tutors, we have created extremely colorful, wise and safe content for children aged 3-9. Explore our books and films.  


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are superheroes: MISIA, BELA, KONFA and CELA, who teach children correct behavior patterns. Each of them has a different superpower that turns even the most boring day into an extraordinary adventure. Children with Lulitulisia learn about the importance of exercise, a healthy diet, and respect for the planet. Our books help children learn to read, write and count, and the extraordinary adventures of the Lulitulis stimulate the imagination of the youngest. All our fairy tales are made under the care of apsychologist.



Our mission   is a creative and modern approach to learning and having fun. We support the development of cognitive abilities, imagination, creativity and logical thinking in children. We support pre-school and early school education. Our fairy tales teach children values ​​such as: friendship, love and caring.  


Soon we invite you to a multimedia performance with Lulitulis on the Relax Scene in Warsaw. Thanks to the unusual scenery, music and choreography, your child will experience amazing emotions!

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The extraordinary world of Lulitulisia is substantively supported by a psychologist, fitness trainer, dietitian, ecologist and children's physiotherapist.

Our experts

portal for children

the best site for kids

the best site for kids

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Child psychologist with over 30 years of experience. She deals with the diagnosis of school failures, family therapy, prevention of depression among children and adolescents, and conducts educational and development classes. It cooperates with kindergartens and primary schools.

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Ewa Kowalczyk

Children's physiotherapist. A specialist in the treatment of children with neurological, genetic and metabolic disorders. After graduation, for over 8 years she worked at the Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic for Children and Youth, for almost two years at the Neurological Rehabilitation Center in one of the capital's hospitals.

Anna Białousz

An economist by education, but by passion, a fitness trainer with a mission to spread the knowledge about the necessity to move even among the youngest. For many years he has specialized in many fields of sport. Trainer and instructor of aerobics, crossfit and dance. She is a personal trainer and her charges are also children.

Kamila Zaorska

Children's dietitian. The owner of a nutrition and slimming clinic in Łódź - ZDROWIE ZDROWIE. Coordinator of the Development of the Slimming and Nutrition Center in Poland. Dietcoach - a graduate of the Psychoeducation Laboratory of SWPS in Warsaw and of Dietetics and the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University of Lodz.

A journalist by education, she has devoted her professional life to caring for the beauty and well-being of women. Editor of the beauty and lifestyle section. The owner of the "Braids to go" salon.

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