meet our superheroes and their superpowers


Misia E c.png


I am Misia. I have the superpower of tenderness. I love everything and everyone, especially you. Let's be good to each other and the world will be better. Our planet is the most beautiful in the universe, I know this because I have been everywhere, so we must take care of it!  



I am Bela. I have the superpower of knowing. Yes, knowing because I know everything. I remember what was, I see what is and I know what will happen next. Sometimes, unfortunately, I get lost, because the world is not always as it should be. Often everything gets mixed up, but thanks to my power it goes back where it belongs!


Bela A c.png
Konfa B c.png


I am Konfa. I have a learning superpower. I really like science and the fact that I can share my discoveries with the world. Especially with you. Knowledge is great, but I am sad sometimes, because not all inventions are good and some people use it. All hope is in you, because thanks to children, the world can be better!



I am Cela. Mamsuper problem-solving power. I am fast and agile and that is why I am always there where I am needed. I can become invisible, but when you say a magic spell, I will appear right next to you. Noiselessly.  


Cela D c.png