I'm bored - do you hear that often? We offer a handful of ideas for spending time with your child at home


Do you have a toddler bursting with energy at home? Often then, the parent has to deal with the arrogant "I'm bored" thrown by his branch. If you have run out of ideas for playing with your child, here are some of our suggestions.

Relax is back, but you won't see the movie there. "A combination of various arts"


In October, the Polish premiere of "The Realistic Joneses" will take place, and in December, a multimedia performance by Samanta Janas, "Lulitulisie". Pre-premiere screenings of "Sexmission" directed by Piotr Grabowski, based on a comedy by Juliusz Machulski, will take place on New Year's Eve and New Years Eve.

A place that connects generations. Kino Relax returns after 14 years


This iconic place returns as a stage with an audience of nearly 600 people, a large modern stage, comfortable facilities for artists and a foyer for guests. The original interiors in the style of the 70s have been refreshed and the facility has been adapted to the requirements of today's fire standards.

The Internet can be a threat and a source of useful information. How to teach a child to use the web


The Internet is a space that can contain a wide variety of content. It is worth ensuring that our children only find valuable and safe ones.

Samanta Janas, Maciej Stuhr's first wife, found herself outside of show business

The last and latest work of Samanta Janas and Jakub Krupski is Lulitulisie, created in 2019 - an educational website for children and a blog where you can find books, guides, healthy recipes, short educational videos, readings in Polish and English, poems, songs, recipes for art classes.  


How to encourage a child to move through play?


In the era of a pandemic and the commonly perishing opinions that our children are increasingly difficult to distract from a computer, phone or tablet, B took up the challenge and set out to find interesting entertainment for our little ones!



Lulitulisie is an educational project for children aged 3 to 9. It was created for parents looking for ideas for smart play for their little ones.

We invite you to use the materials offered by the "Lulitulisie" portal.

Here you will find fairy tales, poems, songs and many other films for children. We also invite children to play with a lulitulian song with slides.

Learning doesn't have to be boring. Smart ways to acquire and assimilate information.


Learning should be an activity that a child associates with pleasure. Otherwise, it may be difficult. What to do to make the child easy to learn and enjoy learning?

On August 1, Scena Relax returns after 14 years of absence


The Relax scene will be a completely new place - a place where we would like to be seething, so that there is always something going on here 365 days a year - said Beata Kawka, the head of the Art and Program Council of the Relax Scene, who was a guest of the "Kultura" program, during a press conference on Wednesday. according to Kron ”on Radio for You.

Warsaw. Relax is back


Then, the Relax Scene will invite viewers to another performances. The Polish premiere of "The Realistic Joneses" will take place in October, and the multimedia performance of Samanta Janas "Lulitulisie" in December. On New Year's Eve and the New Year there will be pre-premiere screenings of “Sexmission” directed by Piotr Grabowski based on the comedy of Juliusz Machulski.

Practice with Lulisia and Lulitulisia


Fitness training for children .

Healthy habits are something we want to teach children. But how to do it?


Every parent wants his child to be healthy above all else. Today we know that it largely depends on our daily routine. However, life often verifies parental desires and it turns out that the child crunches chips more often than carrots. So how do we teach our little ones to healthy habits?

What to do with your baby at home? We have a solution for that!


Can't you go for a walk with your baby? Don't worry, the Lulitulis will take your little one on a trip through the jungle! Under the supervision of a children's physiotherapist and fitness trainer, we have created a safe training for the youngest!

What do we remember from childhood? Tastes, important events, but also ... favorite characters


Children's memory works tirelessly. They remember faces, shapes and gestures. However, it is only a few years old that a child begins to create real memories, focusing on specific experiences, images or events. What do we most remember from childhood?

Do it yourself version for the little ones. It is a great way to spend free time and give gifts for the whole family


Playing is the perfect way to keep your child busy with something creative and the parent to rest. It is worth making sure that the child enjoys and learns new things through play. The most interesting way to spend your free time is through DIY, i.e. do it yourself.